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Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
belief that the government should treat everyone equally. >> reporter: ads for and against question 6 flooding the air waves. now, gallaudet university is in hot water for reportedly signing a petition this past summer calling for putting question 6 on the ballot. in a statement today announcing that dr. mckaskel is put on leave. it recently came to my attention that dr. mccaskill has participated in a legislative initiative. however, other individuals feel differently. i will use the extended time while she is on administrative leave to determine the appropriate next steps. we tried to reach out to dr. mccsmc mccaskill but got no answer. >> as the president, the provost, that separation of personal and private life is kind of gon. >> that doesn't mean she'll vote for it. it means she's supporting people's right to vote, in my opinion. and people are reading too much into it. >> reporter: spoke by phone of pastor derrick mccoy leading the push to get the issue on the november ballot. ody just floate name out. where does the infringement on free speech end? >> reporter: the opposing gr
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to prevent war. >> reporter: what about romney saying 47% are entitled to government benefits. >> i think the vice president knows sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> but i always say what i mean. and so does romney. >> reporter: what about the obama stimulus, the recovery? >> job growth in september was slower than it was in august and august it awas slower than it was in july. we're heading in the wrong direction. >> with 5.2 million new jobs, private sector jobs. >> was it a good idea to spend taxpayer dollars on electricing cars in finland or windmills in china? >> this is exactly what we needed to stop us from going off a cliff. >> reporter: can a middle tax health hike be prevented? >> not mathematically possible. >> it is, it's been done before. >> it has never been done before. >> reporter: on the style side, biden smiled. a lot. ryan a debate rookie kept his cool. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, danville, kentucky. >> both campaigns are holing their own debate watch parties across virginia tonight. the republicans set up their office in arling
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2